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Collections of the ‘Heart Break Quotes’

Love is for the weak, for those whom don’t live of off self reliance, Love is for those that that are destined fools falling for it’s trickery, I was a fool. Love has failed me… life has failed me.
Some feelings don’t go away, they just get avoided.
When someone breaks your heart, someone else is waiting to fix it.
Thought this was forever love, guess that was just seasonal.
You may have had part of my past. But you sure won’t have any of my future.
I’m going to smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect, act like it’s all a dream, and pretend like it’s not hurting me.
One of the worst feelings in the world is when you find out the person you really like isn’t single anymore.
A heartbreak is a blessing from God. It’s just his way of letting you realize, he saved you from the wrong one.
Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.
A heartbreak isn’t loud. It’s as quiet as a feather falling and the most painful thing is, nobody hears it but you.
You said I love you, I did too. The only difference is I didn’t lie to you.
The girls with the prettiest faces seem to tell the saddest stories.
It still hurts even though I saw it coming.
Never let go of something you love till you find out that love turened to hate!
It’s hard to wait around for something you know may never happen, but it’s harder when you know it’s everything you want.
It hurts the most when the person that made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.
When I do something great, no one ever seems to remember, but when I do something wrong, no one can ever seem to forget.
Never forgive for something you once said or did, because at one time you wanted it.
We can fall out of love from one day to the next. That person who you sweared up and down for, means absolutely nothing any more. How do you explain to someone? When you don’t even care what the feel?
Start cherishing the one that cherishes you. Not the one that took you for granted.