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Collections of the ‘Attitude Quotes’

The only way to make a difference, is to be different
Women make the highs higher and lows lower in life
Some People Love to assume and run with negativity, rather than go from facts and offer support. Don’t be insulted by their ignorance. Just have the wisdom to know they are troubled. There’s weakness in their intimidation, masking their own problems.
Some people create their own storms then gets upset when it rains.
Since the house is on fire let us warm ourselves.
The real “it is well” is something I say from the ground, having fallen.
I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.
Care not what they say about the color of your skin let the brilliant light of your soul blind them.
The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but a state of mind.
If you call a thing bad you do little, if you call a thing good you do much.
Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.
The most certain way to banish a negative thought is to require that it have a purpose.
Leroy bet me I couldn’t find a pot of gold at the end, and I told him that was a stupid bet because the rainbow was enough.
Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.
My attitude is depend upon how you treat me.
Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish us from beast!
A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.
For my part I believe in the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance.
If the skies fall, one may hope to catch larks.
Be the light in the dark, be the calm in the storm and be at peace while at war.