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Don’t hate me because I wasn’t who you thought I was or who you wanted me to be. From start to finish you never knew the real me.
Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.
When you do what people say then you don’t live your life, you pass it.
What you do with your life is just one-half of the equation more importantly it’s who you’re with when you’re doing it.
Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.
If you’re going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.
I’d rather be a bitch than a hoe. I’d rather tell it like it is than blow every guy I know.
Single, married or in a relationship… The other side always looks greener.
Two things in life hurts very much 1 . When someone loves you but do not tells you. 2 . When someone do not love you but tells you.
Sometimes it’s the things you don’t say that hurt the most.
Too much emotion is like none at all.
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
There is no wealth but life.
No matter what you say, you will never forget your first love.
When everything else physical and mental seems to diminish, the appreciation of beauty is on the increase.
Age is how we determine how valuable you are.
Welcome to nobody cares. Population: Me
A lot of fake people try and come around so I only stick close to those that I know are real.
Let’s leave no words unspoken and save regrets for the broken.
It’s so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say.
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