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Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.
I have never been hurt by what I have not said.
Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re not good enough for anyone. Just means no one is good enough for you, yet.
Wife: honey I want you to whisper dirty things in my ear! Husband: kitchen, living room, dinning room, patio.
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
Smiles are like band-aids, they cover up the wound but it still hurts.
All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.
Protect her, love her, kiss her, hug her, hold her, smile with her, laugh with her. But don’t make her fall if you don’t plan to catch her.
Cling to your imperfections… They’re what makes you unique.
I’d rather have you hate me with the truth than love me with a lie, so keep all your hello’s and I’ll find the good in goodbye.
All women should know how to take care of children. Most of them will have a husband some day.
Say you are well, or all is well with you, And God shall hear your words and make them true.
Sometimes saying goodbye means let’s stop hurting each other.
It just hit me that this is not OUR live, this is MY life and I can do whatever I want.
First I played hard to get, now he is playing hard to forget.
I figure that the degree of difficulty in combining two lives ranks somewhere between rerouting a hurricane and finding a parking place in downtown Manhattan.
If you light a lamp for somebody else it will also brighten your path.
Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask.
Many men kill themselves for love, but many more women die of it.
Sometimes its better not to say anything. Saying how you truly feel might make things worse.
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